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Legal Assistance

The U.S. Embassy cannot become involved in private legal disputes, such as those between you and a Belarusian citizen. In these circumstances, we recommend you retain an attorney. The Consular Section maintains a list of local attorneys for your convenience.

This list of attorneys and law firms is provided by the American Embassy as a convenience to United States citizens. It is not meant to be a complete list of attorneys in Belarus, and the absence of an attorney from the list is in no way a reflection on competence. Inclusion on the list is based primarily on the attorneys having provided the Embassy with information on their background, practice and foreign language capability.

The American Embassy in Minsk assumes no responsibility for the professional ability or integrity of the persons or facilities listed. Fees and the legal services to be provided are a matter for agreement solely between the individual and his attorney.


of Minsk City Bar Association

Ul. Bogdanovicha, 70

Minsk 220100

Phone:+375 17 334-45-08



Languages: Russian, English

Areas of Specialization: civil, business, corporate, criminal, employment and labor law, inheritance issues.


Bakinovskaya, Tatyana ladimirovna

Minsk 220100

Prospect Partizanskiy, 91

phone:+375 17 2957518

fax:+375 17 2965683

Areas of specialization: civil matters, estate, foreign investment, raw material investment, licensing.

Languages: speaks no English, can provide interpreter.


Beliy, Igor Petrovich 

Grodno 230025 

Ul. K. Marksa, 15 

phone:+375 152 770066

fax:+375 152 770066

cell phone:+375 292 882947

Areas of specialization: adoption, business, children’s trusteeship, estate, divorce, car accidents, criminal cases, contracts, dispute resolutions with foreign partners.  

Languages: Russian and English


Goriachko, Dmitry

Moscow District of the City of Minsk Bar Association

Minsk 220007

Moskovskaya Ul., 10

phone:+375 29 6102910

Areas of specialization: Criminal and civil law

Languages: Russian


Kalinina, Irina Yuryevna

Minsk 220005

Ul. Krasnaya, 18

phone:+375 17 2846883

fax:+375 17 2843839

Areas of specialization: criminal law, business, civil matters, estate, contracts, dispute resolutions, foreign investments, raw material investments, market agreements, corporation organization.

Languages: Russian and English.


Pyrskiy, Leopold Vitoldovich

Lida 231300

Ul. Pobedy, 61

phone:+375 1545 21361;+375 1545 24495

Areas of specialization: mainly criminal matters, also civil matters, divorce, car accidents, collections, immigration.

Languages: Russian, speaks no English, can provide interpreter.


Puzhevich, Alina Stanislavovna 

Vitebsk  210026

Ul. Sovetskaya, 2aphone:+375 212 369262;+375 212 362472

Areas of specialization: criminal and civil matters, divorce, car accidents, contracts, dispute resolutions with foreign partners, foreign investments.

Languages: Russian, speaks no English


Shvakov, Alexei Ivanovich

Minsk City Board of Lawyers, Chairman

Minsk 220050

50 B Zakharova

phone:+375 17 2852105;+375 17 2852718

Languages: Russian, speaks no English, can provide interpreter.


Chaichits, Viktor Ivanovich

Minsk Region Board of Lawyers, Chairman

Minsk 220703

Vokzalnaya 44

phone:+375 17 2006183

Languages: Russian, speaks no English, can provide interpreter.


Legal Firms


Advocates bureau "Cierech, Neviadouski and Partners"

11-220 Intarnacyjanalnaja Str.

Minsk 220030 Belarus

tel/fax:+375 17 226-16-63

tel.mob.:+375 29 639 16 60



Languages: Russian, EnglishAreas of Specialization:  business, tax, finance, civil disputes


Borovtsov & Salei

Vasiliy Salei

Valentin Borovtsov

4 Svobody Square, Room 315 

Minsk 220030

phone: +375 17 2934418

fax: +375 17 2934422


Deloitte & Touche Belarus

Minsk 220030

Ul. Korolia, 51

phone:+375 17 2000353


Vlasova, Michel & Partners

Ms. Lilia Vlasova

Masherova Ave, 76А, 4th Floor

Minsk, 220035

Phone:+ 375 (17) 203 84 96/67



Belarus Consulting

Ulf Schneider/Sven Henniger

Minsk 220012

Ul. Surganova, 29

Phone:+375 (44) 732 89 29



Areas of Specialization:  business, tax, finance.

Les Edelman, J.D., Edelman Tax Services

Offices in Belgrade and Budapest

Belgrade Tel:+381-64-376-2740

Budapest Tel:+36-70-215-9267



Areas of Specialization: tax services to Americans overseas—serving U.S. taxpayers in the East Europe, Caucasus/States and North Africa regions.


Arzinger & Partners

169 Nezavisimosti Ave, office 304C

Minsk 220114 Belarus

Tel.:+375 (17) 218-10-55

Fax:+375 (17) 218-10-54

Mob.:+375 (29) 304 34 11

Mob.:+375 (29) 851 10 54



Languages: Russian, English, German Areas of Specialization:  investment activities, finance, corporate, tax, dispute resolution, employment and labor law.

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